Wind River Ministries is dedicated to providing life-enriching opportunities to individuals and families. It is our goal to be good stewards of the cabins we have available

A little girl resting her head on a horse.


Scholarships are available each year for those who need to experience rest and the refreshing love of Christ. We offer primarily partial scholarships. Full scholarships may be given in extreme circumstances. Funding is limited* as we strive to assist as many families as possible who demonstrate need.

Our ministry goal is to scholarship 35% of our cabins to individuals, families, healing warriors, pastors, couples, and single parents. The testimonies received from these guests are affirmation that this endeavor must remain a ministry priority.

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Family kayaking in a lake .

*The number of scholarships awarded is dependent upon the generosity of individuals, families, organizations, businesses, and grants. Scholarships can only be granted to the extent they can be funded. All assistance is available based on demonstrated need without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, or physical or mental disabilities.

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